Bird watching around the Axarquia and Slavonian Grebe

Morning at the Axarquia and evening at the Guadalhorce… Enjoying one of the most diverse regions of Europe!

Photo: Iberian Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla flava iberiae)

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The plan was reaching the Boquete the Zafarraya and have a look around the polje in Granada province with my friend Quirri, and then move back to Malaga and search for the new rarity in the region, a Slavonian Grebe that has just arrived to the pools at the Mouth of the Guadalhorce Nature Reserve.

We could not find the Bonelli’s Eagles on the way to Zafarraya though we enjoyed a lot of interesting typical birds like Rock Bunting, Blue Rock Thrush, Black Wheatear, Rock Sparrow and Sardinian Warbler.

Our tour around the Zafarraya polje was very disappointing. There is a nice population of Tree Sparrows, that are almost extinct in Malaga province, and chances are high for Bramblings in the farmlands there, but farmers have considered the hedges where they like to live are not convenient anymore and have mercilessly got rid of them. I will not visit that region for a long, long time again and I will keep on showing how irrational and barbarian agricultural practises are behind the dramatic loss of biodiverse all over the world.

Our second call to the Bonelli’s Eagles cliff finally gave us a short majestic flight of this gem among Malaga birds.

We visited the Rio Velez before coming back to Malaga, where I could see my first Yellow Wagtails of the season together with a big number of Water Pipits and Green Sandpipers.

After a quick lunch, I headed to the Mouth of the Guadalhorce in search for the Slavonian Grebe. It was with the group of Black-necked ones, swimming away from the hide from where some colleagues had just had the opportunity to take some very close pictures of the bird.

After a while, the Slavonian was swimming and diving on its own while the flock of Black-necked was moving towards another corner of the pool. They do not seem to get on perfectly well though a squad of three Black-necked came back to the Slavonian. They were trying to convince it to join the group again when sun came down to put the end of a fantastic birding day in Malaga.

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