How to use the web

1Section “One Day Trips” describes our different destinations: protection status, description, link to our Pinterest photo galleries, possible species and prices (according to different meeting points, in Birdaytrip’s or your own vehicle).

2Click on any of the “INQUIRY” links for any question. We will be pleased to attend you.

3If you plan to do more than one trip, you can benefit from our discount schemes by clicking on your planned meeting point in section “Tours”. For example: you are staying in Torremolinos (where you want to meet us) and want two full day trips to Fuente de Piedra and The Strait. Place the cursor on “Tours” in the menu and click on Torremolinos. Go to Fuente de Piedra row and 2 Trips column (204€), and to The Strait row and 2 Trips column (243€).

4The “Scheduled Trips” section will allow you sharing your trip with other birdwatchers. Click on “Scheduled Trips”, have a look at the list of planned trips and click on the calendar for more information.

5Now that you have decided to come birding to the Costa del Sol. Where to stay? Have a look at section “Birding & Lodging” with suggested accommodation classified as Hotels, Boarding Houses and Villas. You will find links to every establishment. If you wished to have your birding tours and lodging packaged, please, let us know (just click “Inquiry”).

6The “Blog” provides you with useful information regarding what to see and where at any time of year. You can search in the last 12 months, look for a specific date in the calendar (days in red) or choose amongst the labels. For example, you are planning to come to the Costa del Sol in February so you can click on “February” in the list of last 12 months, or set the calendar to any previous February, to know how birding went on in recent years.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us at any moment.

Enjoy birding on the Costa del Sol!!!