Birding Holidays in Malaga, Antequera and the Costa del Sol (Andalucia, Southern Spain)

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The Route of 100 Birds

In March 2016, the “Andalucia Bird Society (ABS) Malaga Team”, formed by Barbara & Derek Etherton, Mick Smith and I, got engaged in the challenge of spotting 100 birds in one single day in Malaga. The idea came from Derek, editor of our ABS’s Birds of Andalucia magazine, to encourage a bit of healthy competition among members in different provinces by means of this kind of birding “big days”.

 “The Route of 100 Birds” travels around the triangle formed by the city of Malaga, the Fuente de Piedra Lake and Ardales, including the Montes de Malaga, El Torcal and Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes (El Chorro) nature reserves, Archidona district, the farmlands surrounding Campillos and the Mouth and Valley of the Guadalhorce River. This is possibly the most biodiverse region in Southern Europe though nobody relates this natural heaven with a sun-and-beach world class tourist destination like the Costa del Sol. 

Luis Alberto Rodriguez

We carried out our first tour on March 8th for a very good record of 107 species. I kept doing this exercise once a month from then on with an average record of 102 species per trip. We have recorded 199 different bird species in our Big Days between Mar 2016 and Feb 2017.

Running “big day” tours is just a way to show the big birding potential of The Route of 100 Birds though the best way to enjoy the region is taking one day trips to every one of the destinations listed in our section "One Day Trips". One week tours around this area can provide extraordinary results and become a pleasant birding experience all year long.

 Luis Alberto Rodríguez

The tours

The aim of these tours is to get to know the wide variety of birds associated with each natural environment we can find in the province of Malaga. Many of these birds are very difficult, if not impossible, to observe in the UK, Northern Europe or America.

To maximise enjoyment of the trips, the maximum group size will be 9 people, including the tour guide.


The package includes:

  • 6 hotel nights in BB or HB.
  • 4 bird-watching trips led by an English-speaking guide, including use of telescope and bird guide in English, transportation, lunch and accident insurance.

- Flights are not included in the price.
- Transportation from and to the airport is not included in the price.
- Travel agency services will be provided by a licensed tour operator.

Please confirm tour dates and availability before booking your flights!

Pre-booking List

If you are prepared to share the tour with other participants, you can pre-book your dates, without commitment!, and wait for others to join the tour. The “waiting-list dates” will be advertised in the “Scheduled Trips” section.

Typical Tour Schedule:

Sunday (*) Check-in


7:30 Hotel breakfast

8:00 Trip departure

12:30 Lunch (restaurant or picnic)

19:00 Return to hotel

Friday Free day
Saturday Check-out (*)

(*) This is an example; you can choose your starting day though we highly recommend avoiding weekends. Some of the prices offered do not apply to weekends, Christmas, Easter or other local or national holidays. Please do not hesitate to ask for further information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Trip destinations

El Torcal. Nature Reserve
img el torcal

cabecera archidona

Laguna de Fuente Piedra. Nature Reserve
img fuente de piedra

Montes de Málaga. Natural Park
img montes malaga

Mouth (Nature Reserve) & Valley of the Guadalhorce
img desembocadura gualhorce

Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (El Chorro). Nature Reserve
img el chorro


  1. Málaga
  2. Antequera
  3. Countryside


catedral malagaMalaka was founded by the Phoenicians in the 9th century B.C. who were followed by the Greeks, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims, thus shaping one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

Malaga was the most developed industrial area in Spain during the XIXth Century, and its wines and moscatel raisins were very well known all around Europe.

vista malagaThe depletion of iron mineral in the region and the plague of the phylloxera, drove the city into a very deep crisis by the end of the century.

Malaga is nowadays the capital of the Costa del Sol. Its international airport, just 5 minutes away from the city, makes travelling from anywhere in the world a very comfortable experience. The A7 and A92 motorways provide the road backbone, the former East-West from Nerja to Estepona and the latter North to the rest of Andalusia. It is connected by High Speed Train to Cordoba (50 min.), Seville (1 h 55 min.) and Madrid (2 h 35 min.). Our visitors can enjoy world class hotels, restaurants and leisure services as well as a complete cultural offer.

Places of interest: Museums (Picasso, Thyssen, Pompidou), La Concepcion Botanical Gardens, Cathedral (XVIth century), Roman Theatre (c. 100 BC), Muslim Fortress (XIth century)

“Malaga Tourism” official website:


hotel molina lario

Hotel Molina Lario

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vista antequera 1Antequera enjoys a privileged situation at the geographical centre of Andalusia, below the El Torcal and Chimenea sierras, with peaks over 1.300 m., and with a great fertile plain as far as the eye can see.

It is the biggest inland municipality of the province of Malaga, with a population of 42.000 inhabitants who work in agriculture (cereals, olive oil, vegetables), logistics and tourism.

vista antequera 2History and prehistory converge in this town, where we can gaze at Bronze Age dolmens along with an extraordinary collection of historical religious and civil monuments from the XVI century and before.

Romans, Arabs and Christians left their stamp in this crossroads town.

Places of interest: Bronze Age Dolmens (UNESCO’s World Heritage), Real Colegiata de Santa María La Mayor church, City of Antequera Museum, Hojiblanca Olive Oil Museum.

“Antequera tourism” official website:


Hotel Antequera

Hotel Antequera

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img countryside 1The Costa del Sol is worldwide known as a vast tourist resort located along the quiet beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. There is a lot more to show to the visitor, though.

The extraordinary environmental diversity of the province of Malaga is accompanied by a growing choice of high quality accommodation in inland villages very close to the most interesting birding sites.

Away from the summer rush on the coast, the visitor finds lovely places from where to arrange early morning visits to cliffs in the mountains, cool forests, farmland and lakes.

img countryside 2

In autumn, winter and spring, our mild weather invites the birdwatcher to travel around our green fields on sunny days, and enjoy excellent and cosy accommodation.


Hotel Convento La Magdalena

Hotel Convento la Magdalena

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Hotel Humaina

Hotel Humaina

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