Hotel Antequera****

Hotel Antequera



€ (VAT included) for trips ON CLIENT’S VEHICLE (see the trips on chart below)

 Plus per tripper in excess of 4  15
 Plus per tripper in excess of 4  10

€ (VAT included) per group for groups up to 4 persons ON BIRDYTRIP’S VEHICLE

F= Full day trips; H = Half day trips

Mouth of the Guadalhorce & Malaga city  F 195
Mouth of the Guadalhorce & Rio Grande  F 200
Mouth of the Guadalhorce & Montes de Malaga  F 195
Rio Grande & El Chorro  F 185
El Torcal & Hoz de Marín  F 200
Fields of Archidona  F 200
Fuente Piedra & Campillos  F 185
Osuna & La Lantejuela (Sevilla)  F 220
Sierra de Andujar (Jaen) F 285
Doñana Natural Park (Sevilla) F 275
El Chorro H 140
El Torcal H 130
Hoz de Marin & Guadalhorce Gorge H 135
Fuente de Piedra & Campillos
H 145

Please, consult prices for bigger groups on Birdaytrip’s vehicle.

If you are interested in any particular species or birding place, let us know and we will design a special itinerary for you.


Our birding trips include:

  • English speaking birding guides.
  • Transport (optional).
  • Binoculars, telescope and bird books in English.
  • Trip accident insurance.
The trip departure time is chosen by you.
The routes are flexible: we will go where the birds are.
Meals are not included in the price. We can bring a picnic bag with us or stop in a restaurant en route.
Please, wear appropriate shoes and clothing according to the season, and remember: the countryside is colder than the beach!

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